My Holiday Laptop

June 17, 2014 | Category: Personal Musings | Leave a Comment

I recently spent two weeks vacationing in the UK. No work was to be done, and while my laptop isn’t as heavy as a metal clad Macbook, its bulk and weight were more than I wanted to lug around.


So I finally bought my first tablet. And deciding which one did not take long; I quickly settled on a Google/Asus Nexus 7. The price couldn’t be matched and as it’s Google’s own, the Android software updates won’t be delayed by a 3rd party. My girlfriend’s smart phone is still limited to Ice Cream Sandwich, which sounds like something to avoid. I figured I couldn’t go wrong going with the company that made the OS.


And it was worth it. Much smaller, much lighter. Made my hand luggage far more enjoyable to lug around. I found the 7” screen more than adequate to browse sites in Chrome and excellent to watch Netflix on. Plus, now I’m home I can use it when I’m device testing sites (interesting to note, some unicode characters won’t load on Androids)


The only downside is my tablet didn’t have FTL on it; that’s my usual time sink game. Also, I couldn’t code on it, which I suppose is a point of a holiday. I do intend to try out some of the editors available for Android in the future, though.
All in all, excellent purchase, heartily recommended. If I ever need to code whilst travelling, I suspect I’ll buy a netbook.