Imagine my Surprise

April 10, 2016 | Category: CSS, WordPress | Leave a Comment

From my early¬†days at Forge and Smith, I have used and worked on the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress. I’ve yet to come across a better plugin for online forms in WordPress, or one that offers as much integration (seriously, the sheer options they offer is staggering). However, I have talked many times over the years about how its CSS leaves something to be desired. That’s why, just over a year into my time at Forge, I rewrote the plugin’s CSS from scratch.

Recently, a¬†colleague and friend, Andrew, mentioned that he’d been discussing with somebody how they dealt with Gravity forms in the Sage WordPress theme. In that conversation, a link to a thread was shared with Andrew, who after reading through, passed it on to me. Imagine my (very pleasant) surprise when I read the second comment? It links to code I shared on a Vancouver WordPress talk I gave on plugin CSS in August 2014. That a developer in Denver was using it feels good.

Here are links to the relevant Gravity Forms code if you’d like to enjoy it as well: