Gymnast: a flexible SCSS grid

October 9, 2014 | Category: CSS | Leave a Comment

I’ve tried out various grid systems and frameworks over the past couple of years, and whilst there are many solid options out there, I never settled on one that I really liked. The solution? To make my own! I use Gymnast on personal and freelance projects, and it’s integrated into the Forge and Smith starter them.

Gymnast is inspired by (which seems to have gone quiet as of late) and Zurb’s Foundation. I wanted something that was light, very efficient in the CSS, and would cover all our layout needs. It’s primarily mixin based to create rows, columns and block grids, with dedicated media query mixins. However, it also has the option to generate HTML ready classes for use, as well as IE8 fallbacks, should you require them.

You can find the Gymnast .scss file on my GitHub account.