Imagine my Surprise

April 10, 2016 | Category: CSS, WordPress | Leave a Comment

From my early days at Forge and Smith, I have used and worked on the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress. I’ve yet to come across a better plugin for online forms in WordPress, or one that offers as much integration (seriously, the sheer options they offer is staggering). However, I have talked many times over the … Read more

Custom WP Design: A Developer’s Perspective

May 30, 2015 | Category: CSS, WordPress | Leave a Comment

In August 2014, I spoke about WordPress plugin CSS for the Vancouver WordPress Meetup group. A great deal of the talk was to do with work I’ve done at Forge and Smith, and this week I was asked to write a blog post about much the same content. This was a little more challenging than I perhaps expected; my … Read more

Talk: Dealing with WordPress Plugin CSS

August 23, 2014 | Category: WordPress | Leave a Comment

Earlier this week I gave a talk at the general group of the Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group on dealing with WordPress plugin CSS. Plugins are great feature of WordPress; they can add a huge range of functionality to your website, from spam filters to eCommerce stores. However, when you’re doing custom builds and designs, their CSS … Read more

Contributing to WordPress

July 10, 2014 | Category: WordPress | Leave a Comment

I attended WordCamp Seattle last week, and the day after the conference I went to my first contributor day. First off; it was lots of fun. Everyone was super friendly and willing to explain how things work. No judgement for not knowing how some things work, or the process to go through to do a … Read more