Photography and Me

April 22, 2014 | Category: Personal Musings | Leave a Comment

I’ve always loved taking photos. When I was growing up I had film cameras mostly, until I was bought a shiny digital one for my 17th birthday. Time passes and I now have a DSLR an a substantial sized external hard drive filled with photos from the years. It’s very easy to take pictures when you live in Vancouver, your parents live in a ski resort, and you have an adorable hedgehog for pet.

A couple of things occur to me when I look at my photography though. The main two are that I’ve never had any instruction on how to take good pictures, and that I’ve had very few printed. A few of my panoramas, and when applying for my other half’s permanent Canadian residency, over a hundred photos, but that mostly covers it.

And now…I’m wondering why? Deep down, I suspect it’s because I’m uncertain if they’re really any good or not. So let’s find out. Every now and again I’ll be posting my panoramas. Feedback appreciated!