Panorama: Corfe Castle Ward

July 19, 2014 | Category: Panoramas | Leave a Comment

My last panorama post was about the first one I’d taken; this one is the most recent, from 19th May 2014. This is the Ward at Corfe Castle, a Dorset castle dating back to the 11th Century and now a National Trust property. I’d visited it once before when I was much younger, and it always stuck in my mind as a pretty awesome place to visit. However, it’s now cemented far more firmly in my mind; about ten minutes after I took the pictures that make up the panorama, I asked my girlfriend to marry me (she said yes!).

If you’re ever in the south-west of England, I’d strongly recommend a visit. Parts of it are still standing, as you can see (parts of the tower are still climbable), but a good deal was scattered about when it was blown up during the English Civil War. It’s somewhat surreal on the walk to the castle to pass large chunks of stone and sections of wall that have been there for hundreds of years.

As with all my panoramas, if you’re interested in a print copy, please let me know.

Corfe Castle Ward Panorama