Panorama: 5 Mile Todd

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5 Mile Todd Panorama

My first and probably most popular panorama, this is the upper section of 5 Mile, a ski run at Sun Peaks Resort. A glorious day, probably the best weather and skiing conditions I’ve ever experienced there. It took it on the 4th December 2010 and is a photomerge of 6 images. If you’re interested in getting a … Read more

Sublime Text: More Shortcuts

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I’ve not used too many code editors since 2006 when I first tinkered with html; NoteTab Light, FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Coda before switching to Sublime Text at the suggestion of my coworker. I was immediately struck at the sheer customisability it offers with package control; from installing a CSS prepocessor, to WordPress function autocomplete, to ftp on … Read more

CSS3 Off Canvas Menu

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I continue to be impressed and amazed at CSS3 transforms and transitions; they’re incredibly powerful and versatile. Perhaps what I most like about them is they can do things for your site that you used to rely on JavaScript for. For example, this off canvas menu found in the embedded CodePen would once likely have … Read more

Photography and Me

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I’ve always loved taking photos. When I was growing up I had film cameras mostly, until I was bought a shiny digital one for my 17th birthday. Time passes and I now have a DSLR an a substantial sized external hard drive filled with photos from the years. It’s very easy to take pictures when you … Read more

Shortcuts You Should Know and Use

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Sometimes I get asked how I work so quickly. The answer I usually give is I know so many keyboard shortcuts with the programs I use. So below are some that get me through each day. Learn and use. Web browsers Ctrl/Cmd + T: opens a new tab Ctrl/Cmd + W: closes the current tab … Read more

All Device Media Queries

December 17, 2013 | Category: CSS | Leave a Comment

With so many mobile device screen sizes available these days, designing and developing for 1024/768/480/320 pixel widths doesn’t cut it anymore (and hasn’t for a while).  To help with this, I propose a catch all. I’ve found this method to be especially helpful when I’m working with a less fluid design that requires more media … Read more

The Web Industry: Thoughts Two Years On

September 29, 2013 | Category: The Web | Leave a Comment

This week marks two years since graduating from the web design and development course I took at BCIT. Here are some thoughts (some might call it wisdom) that would have been great to know when I first entered the web industry. Of course, that’s not to downplay the experiences and learning process, though! If you … Read more